Personal Support

In your home & community 


Home and Community Care

  • Our Key Metrix team is available to provide PSW supports 24 hours a day 365 days a year

  • Key Metrix's take a holistic client centered approach to provide support in your home and community

  • Key Metrix's PSWs are leading the industry in providing front line data to personal care in real time 

  • Key Metrix's PSWs use Alytx to capture objective, evidence-based data at the point of care delivery, to elevate the quality of services delivered, and improve client outcomes.

Enhanced Personal Support

Key Metrix PSW have specialized training including:

  • Mental Health Supports

  • De-escalation techniques

  • Crisis Intervention

With the use of Alytx Key Metrix PSW provide real-time, objective data that is collected at the point of care, resulting in greater accuracy of reports

Key Metrix gives care providers and goal-directed framework of activities and interventions that are based on the clients current needs.

Supported Independent Living

  • What makes Key Metrix different is we find flexible and sustainable housing that is appropriate and safe utilizing private funding (i.e. Auto, Annuity, Passport, ENP).

  • Key Metrix can provide tranistional, short-term, respite or flexible living options for ABI crisis management and discharge options for ALC

  • Eligibility Criteria: Private funding source (MVA, Tort, DVA, Passport, ENP, Annuity), over the age of 18, Brain injury and/or mental health diagnosis that impacts housing needs.

Harness the Power of Objective Data

Let Alytx empower your treatment team and care partners to follow your progress. This powerful software collects daily care data, producing key reports for client care, recovery progress and care goals.