Nursing Supports

Ensuring our Clients have a Circle
of Care


Nurse Case Management

  • Key Metrix's Registered Nurses (RNs) collaborate with other health care professionals while assisting the clients in receiving care, treatments and therapies.

  • Registered Nurses create a therapeutic relationship with their clients that many health professionals are unable to provide due to time constraints.

  • Adding a Registered Nurse to the care team assists clients in returning to wellness.

  • Registered Nurses help gain access to Accident Benefits (AB) funding using Nursing Care Plans.

Nursing Care Plans (NCP)

Benefits of a Care Plan:

  • Demonstrate the medical need for accessing AB med/rehab benefits.

  • Individualized Nursing Care Plans 

  • Facilitate access to OHIP funded services

  • Assist the client in achieving their goals through nursing interventions

  • Direction to the client's personal support workers to practice within the care plan

  • Advance the client's wellness by working with treating Physicians and Health Teams.

Nursing Navigation

  • Key Metrix's RNs advocate for health-related concerns and navigate the medical system with client & family.

  • Our RNs facilitate and participate in the client's medical appointments virtually or in-person.

  • Our RNs interpret the medical data, review the client's medical records and help guide the client to the appropriate medical care.

  • Our RNs apply Alytx data to demonstrate how the client's symptoms are affecting their day-to-day life.

Harness the Power of Objective Data

Let Alytx empower your treatment team and care partners to follow your progress. This powerful software collects daily care data, producing key reports for client care, recovery progress and care goals.